Food Trail ’11

So I designed a food trail (in the east, always in the east) based on reviews on ieat and here’s where we went to:


China La Mian Steamed Buns (Cheap xlb) [10:30]
Chinatown Smith Street Food Centre
Blk 335 Smith Street #02-135
Singapore 050335
10am to 9pm Closed Thursdays

these xiao long bao were fantastic. not just value for money but good to eat. $5 for 10 and the soup inside was very clear and light (not too fatty) and the skin didn’t break easily. yum. we easily finished this between the two of us.

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice [11:15]
Maxwell Food Centre
Stall 10
11am to 8pm
Closed Monday

Man was there queue for this place. And we were there on a saturday morning! (not even lunch hour). They only sell white chicken rice, which is what good chicken rice stalls sell exclusively. Each grain of rice was covered in chicken broth (look how shiny they are) and it was the best chicken rice i’ve had. Would prefer roasted chicken though. I don’t like the skin from white chicken. There is the “small” plate which just means less chicken at $3 and the “big” plate with more chicken at $3.50. They hold two stall-fronts, one for giving the food and one for collecting the money :o and the queue typically winds around the corner (they are a corner stall).

Thing is, there are lots of other shops with queues around maxwell FC, so if you are with people you can queue concurrently. For the Hainanese curry chicken rice and the you char kuey. I can’t believe there’s a queue for you char kuey. i mean, it’s just you char kuey, how different can one stall be from another? Guess I’ll have to queue next time to find out.

We also had homemade barley for $1.50 from a nearby stall to combat the chicken rice chilli sauce. This chicken rice is perfect for those who don’t take chilli coz it tastes wonderful with or without.

Yuet Loy Cze Char (Nearest MRT: Chinatown) [12:00]
Smith Street Food Centre
Open for lunch and dinner

This place is actually in the same food centre as the xiao long bao, but it only opens for lunch so we decided to walk to Maxwell inbetween. Didn’t return to try this because we wanted to save space for Ramen.

Take 147/166 from Chinatown MRT to Peace Center (Selegie Road)


Oven Marvel (Nearest MRT: Bugis) [13:00]
91 Bencoolen Street #01-51,
Sunshine Plaza
Singapore 189652
11.30am to 8pm
Closed on 8th, 18th and 28th of the month

Man the chicken pies here are good. they aren’t that large, and are rather expensive at $3 apiece, but their filling is amazing.

Full of pepper and chicken chunks, more chicken than potato, i hardly tasted potato, lots of stock, and it’s not really a cream based sauce like my chicken pot pie. No idea what it is. Saw them making it too. First they cut out a disc of puff pastry with scalloped edges, put a ball of cold chicken filling in the middle of the disc, and drape another circular piece of puff pastry on top of it. I didn’t see them seal the pastry with anything. Very simple, and the filling spreads itself out in the oven to form a pie!

Warning: Cause of the pastry, you will get pretty thirsty. Liangze got a cup of lemon tea from Victor’s dim sum (around the corner within Sunshine plaza) for $2. It’s some special Hong kong lemon tea where he grinds the lemon in the cup before pouring in really thick black tea.

Walk to Iluma.

Ramen Champion
Iluma @ Bugis
4th floor

We tried the Tetsu special paitan tsukumen (they also have a Very Special paitan tsukumen lol) with pork and chicken broth. The broth is crazy thick, and you dip the noodles in it (tsukumen) instead of having the noodles dumped in the soup. It was awesome! Don’t think you’re sposed to drink the broth (it seemed more like a gravy) and it’s chockful of fat. We drank it anyway. The noodles were also the perfect texture. Very q.  One complaint about this stall. They sell the braised egg for $2 and it’s not boiled properly i.e. it was hard boiled all the way through. I think Bario sells the braised egg for $1. Although it’s weird to buy just an egg from Bario. The tsukumen itself was $11, so it was $13 in total. Drinks here don’t come cheap, most stalls have a hot green tea dispenser,

but you can get canned drinks for $2.50 from a central counter. So bring your own water! The broth from this stall had a very strong high-quality shoyu taste (slightly fermented) was quite salty so you’ll need tea.

There’s also a wishing tree at the exit of the ramen centre where people write their wishes and kpo pple like us read them for a laugh.

Take 32/33 from Iluma to Old Airport Road Food Centre


Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee [15:00]
Old Airport Road Food Centre (Renovated)
7am to about 8pm when everything sold out
Closed as and when Uncle feels tired

We thought we’d head over there around 5pm nearer to dinner time to try to catch the uncle open. But by the time we got there (about 5pm on a saturday) he was closed! Ran out of hokkien mee. So we didn’t get to try it. Instead we ate

It was nice and $1.10 apiece but the one in Chomp chomp which I had yesterday is still a lot better. We also had the misfortune to order BBQ chicken wings from another stall nearer the back for the same price but really dried out and awful.

And then we had otak (60c apiece) from a random stall (this place is full of dao hui stalls and otak stalls and BBQ chicken stalls and dessert stalls so you gotta choose them carefully) that was cold. And dessert!

This is a $2.50 bowl mix of pulut hitam (black glutinous rice) and yam paste with gingko nuts. Wasn’t fantastic but it’s cheap I guess.

Take 16 to Bedok South Road

BEDOK [18:30]

Hill Street Fried Kway Teow (Nearest MRT: Bedok)
Blk 16, Bedok South Road, #01-187
Opened for lunch till about 4pm. Then around 6pm till all he runs out of food.
Closed on Mondays

By the time we got there he was frying his last plate of char kway teow! So we just missed the last plate! Damn. It’s sposed to be the best in singapore.

Walk to East Coast Park.


Leng Heng BBQ Seafood & Claypot Deluxe
East Coast Lagoon Village Stall No. 6 (Near the beach)
Opened 3.30pm till 11pm
Closed on Thursdays

Bought the fried crunchy baby shrimp from here as well as cereal prawns.

Man the cereal prawns ($20) are huge. The cereal was also awesome, very crunchy and sweet. The fried baby shrimp ($12) left much to be desired however. shld have ordered something else. They seemed a bit stale and not exactly crunchy as much as.. chewy. Not like regular sotong but like stale bread. Also the sauce was not strong enough, just tasted like ikan bilis.

Ming Kee Satay Bee Hoon
East Coast Lagoon Food Village
Stall 17
6pm to 11.30pm
Closed Tuesdays

Long queue! Couldn’t be bothered to queue for it and ordered hokkien mee instead which we missed at Old Airport Road FC.

Mistake! The one from this stall was rather tasteless. And it cost $6 to boot! Had really good hokkien mee from Chomp chomp last night too (no pics) so all is well.

In total we spent $78.80 including drinks and all. You can keep it below $50 by not going to the ECP zhi char stall but keep the ramen.

Here are the relevant notes  (click to enlarge):

Non-documentary shots of FT’11 in the next post :)


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