Banana dream cake

Yesterday I baked a banana dream cake on the spur of the moment for two people’s birthdays. one was an old guy in all saints home near kovan and one was liangze’s young adult pastor. hadn’t really met either of them before. but i was bored and wanted to make a cake.

14 small-ish bananas went into the cake! the kind you use for goreng pisang, you know?


and i somehow didn’t take any pictures of the finished product because we had it in a restaurant with his pastor and well it wasn’t about me, it was about her.

it was a great cake, very banana-ey with creamy mocha frosting that wasn’t too sweet or too thickly layered onto the cake. but liangze, being one of those kinds of boys didn’t know that his pastor didn’t take chocolate or coffee and that the octogenarian in the nursing home recently had food poisoning and couldn’t really eat the cake. i’d put chocolate chips into the cake itself so the chocolate was basically unavoidable. (who would want to avoid chocolate!) the rest of the cake’s eaters enjoyed it, but the people i made it for didn’t really. agh.

have some leftover chocolate frosting that will be used for orange muffins! or, since there seems to be a sudden grapefruit influx in my house, grapefruit muffins :D


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