Olimpiai Vendeglo

We went to this place called Olimpiai Vendeglo for lunch today. They don’t have a fixed menu, it changes every day, offering two appetizers, three entrees, and two desserts for one to choose from. The menu depend on what the chef can get from the market that day, and 2 courses runs at 1850 ft, 3 courses at 2050 ft which is a steal!

liangze got the catfish fillet with miso glaze, grilled potatoes and spinach, and the grape mousse, while i got the mussels with tomato and homemade pasta, chickpea cream soup, and floating island. and we only paid $10 each! the portions were just right and very delicious, considering we were surviving on raspberry biscuits and chocolate bourbons for the first 6 hours of school with nary a break to eat till 2pm.
no pictures because i didn’t bring my camera to school today (didn’t know lunch was going to be so pretty).

For those not in the know, floating island is a french dessert that consists of a block of poached meringue resting in a soup of creme anglaise (vanilla cream). my creme anglaise was white chocolate and hazelnut flavoured, and you could see the little specks of vanilla beans in it. the day before gareth and lz and i headed to ruszwarm cukraszda near Buda Castle for tea. We went to our favourite omelet place in Astoria for breakfast but couldn’t have tea till about 4pm.

Their sachertorte and Ruszwurm cake was nice, but the Ruszwurm cremes was just a very thick slab of cream between two flaky layers of pastry. It was nice, but had far too much cream. The strudel here also has far too much filling to pastry. Even though we are here and it should have better desserts than singapore I still prefer the apple strudel from thomson road best. especially if it’s durian or strawberry filled. they’ve got the perfect icing sugar to pastry to cream to fruit ratio.

my sachertorte
gareth’s ruszwurm cremes

will do a post on momotaro soon once my photos are up. i’ve recently figured out how to colour balance my photographs when taken in extremely yellow light in restaurants.


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