Doing justice to meat

It’s late and tomorrow morning will probably be unnecessarily glaring and bright and chirpy.

I just discovered Project Gutenberg while looking for new ebooks to read after I finished Harry Potter finally. Yes, it’s a tragedy. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself now that Voldemort is defeated. Liangze suggests I start from the beginning again. Anyway since Project Gutenberg seems to only stock oldish books I downloaded a bunch of Saki and Wodehouse and D.H.Lawrence. I also have several books from a little English bookstore in Astoria kept by an Englishman with a delightful accent. I asked him if he had a buyback policy and he said yes, i’ll get back a third of the price I paid for the books I bought from him, and added “You won’t be rich but you’ll be happy” very sardonically. One can’t help but love the English.

We visited a French restaurant for lunch today. There are a few sources that say the best way to sample Hungarian cuisine/try Hungarian restaurants is to eat lunch there. Their lunch specials are a lot more affordable than the dinner menu (sometimes even half as expensive) and provide a soup, a main course, and a dessert. At Pavillon de Paris we had a perfectly lovely meal with

pyramid shaped ravioli in a lobster veloute,

farm chicken with forest mushrooms and gnocchi. at least tts what it said on the menu, but this course included chicken liver subtly hidden. ><

salmon on mashed potatoes. the salmon was perfect, i.e. crispy skin and soft flesh that flaked apart with the fork.


a grape and walnut breton – lots of butter and a custard base that tasted like cheese so liangze finished off most of it

which came up to about $35, less than a typical meal in Ithaca for two. The restaurant was set in a glade (literally), in a greenhouse type of building with glass walls. All around and above were trees and greenery, it was very pretty and very faerie like. We’ll definitely be back, although we stood out from the normal custom like sore thumbs because of our youth and student attire. Also we were the only ones in the place not drinking wine -_-.

I’ve been doing most of my reviews on Trip Advisor nowadays after I realised my heavy reliance on their reviews and thought I should contribute a little bit back. The site has the annoying photo upload limit – all your photos for one post cannot exceed 5mb (any ONE of my photos is already more than 5mb) and you also cannot edit your review or delete it without writing to them expressly. Maybe I should write a review on the Bella Italia in York and tell everyone about the cute waiter there :P

Does anyone know of a good site with modern ebooks for free? I don’t want to download anymore classics just yet, just some good old brainless Sue Townsend or, I don’t know, something gripping to rival Harry Potter? Oh who am I kidding there is nothing that can rival Potter :( i am having massive withdrawal symptoms.


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