Morgenstimmung – Breakfast in Amsterdam

i do enjoy mornings waking up earlier than liangze and i get the computer all to myself :} he is really a pig and can sleep for 10 hrs straight, would make a good prison inmate.


here’s the koningklijk concertgebouw, or royal concert hall (hope i got the spelling right). it is beside museumplein and is the best concert hall i have ever been to. (probably helps that i listened to a really stellar performance there too). The grote zaal is really posh, befitting of the ‘koningklijk’ title i suppose, and since I stayed near the concert hall last time, I am more familiar with what there is to eat around there.



We went back hunting for his delightful little cafe that mingsee and i ate in last time with a really life changing club sandwich that has inspired all the other sandwiches i have made thus far. we took more pictures so i can replicate it exactly. It contains: thinly sliced chicken breast, fresh lettuce, pine nuts, mustard mayonnaise, onions, thinly sliced tomatoes, fried bacon, maybe some kind of pesto. I think the magic is in the mustard mayonnaise. You probably need a really high quality french mustard to mix with some mayonnaise and sugar. I did remember the nuts but I didn’t know what kind of nuts were used exactly. I usually add crushed candied walnuts to my mayonnaise spread for sandwiches, but I guess pine nuts would work just as well. Liangze got this avocado grilled chicken salad in our bid to eat more veggies cause they don’t seem to serve weggies with their normal food here. Did you know the Vicks brand in Germany is spelt “Wick”? We bought a pack of menthol sweets for my very ticklish throat and were very amused by the brand name change. Lots of documents in the Beethoven house spelt Beethoven as “Beethowen” and I didn’t know that Ludwig was German for Louis! or Luigi, as he spelt his name in his notes and dedications to Italian people. No pics of the Beethoven house cause cameras are not allowed (the museum helpfully put up a sign stating that). It was the first museum to question our cornell student pass because it hasn’t got an expiry date (and I fully intend to exploit that). Liangze thought on his feet for once in his life and said in a moment of brilliance: “We have to return it when we graduate” which appeased the cashier. I was so proud of him, although I don’t really want him to take after me cause I have a lot of rather shady habits (like taking free buses) and am a really bad influence for him.


This is our breakfast in Bonn. I don’t fancy paying for buffet breakfasts in Europe especially since the buffet options are typically “continental”, in that you get maybe a viennoiserie, toast and jam, tea or coffee, and that’s it. In italy they had cold cuts and cheese, neither of which I fancy. A proper breakfast is an English breakfast. (So we are going to an Irish pub later to hunt down our first proper breakfast in weeks) . The mini stroopwafels we got in Amsterdam were nice (wish I bought more, non-house brand stroopwafels) but I couldn’t eat much of those, and the lemon butter cake is something we inherited from lockhq because he had no space to pack it in. He went crazy over there, bought a crapload of food because he was apparently sabo-ed to be in charge of some international food day or smth and since he was going to the Netherlands he had the bright idea to cater for the entire event with Dutch food. My cousins, having lived in the Netherlands all their life, think everything they have experienced there/eat there is very Dutch, including butter cake, which was probably invented in England. So they went around recommending all sorts of Dutch things to hq for him to buy back for his food festival, and he bought everything without any sort of filter.  I secretly pai-ed liangze to put some of the stuff in his cart back on the shelves, but he still had two large shopping bags full of stroopwafels and mango chutney and refrigerated poffertjes and gouda etc. etc. By the time the lemon butter cake got back with us to the hostel it was worse for the wear and had broken in half. I sliced it up with the paper sleeve they gave us for the key and put it into a grape box (the boys finished the grapes) so it looks a LOT more presentable in this picture than it did in its original form.  It was a pretty good cake! (considering we bought it at Aldi’s, which is sort of a cheap place) but I couldn’t eat much of it because of my throat. It’s not really painful, but the coughing keeps me up at night, which kinda sucks. Haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a week and I’m developing wrinkles!!


Not that many presentable pictures in Bonn cause of the weather, but here is the Poppelsdorf Palace, or at least what I think is the Poppelsdorf Palace. It is now a university, which contains their botany department and a minerals museum. We didn’t really go into the building for fear of being chased out for trespassing, but we did manage to get into their botanic gardens, which was very diligently labelled even though none of the plants are in bloom. One of the most educational botanic gardens I’ve ever been too. Perhaps it is just the winter but it looked like there were more labels than plants/flowers.


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