North South Cuisine

I figured I should start posting reviews of the places we’ve been trying so we know where to go back to and what to order.

The very first Saturday brunch was at North South Cuisine (351 Beach Road), which we will be returning to this saturday with Mildred.
This place holds memories for some of us as the last place the four of us were together indulging in cheap xiao long bao.
And then it happened.
Somehow, we’ve all moved past it to join the ranks of thestral-seeing people.

Anyway, the last time we were there we had really good red bean pancake, which, somewhat bizarrely, costs more than a bowl of noodles at $5.80. I suppose it is more difficult to make.

It was good, but I still think the pastry can be thinner.

The xiaolongbao stands out both for its cheapness and the delicacy of the skin and broth:

Think it’s 5 for $4.80.

The egg furong was also pretty special for a breakfast omelette: Very nice browning all over and a good mix of veg inside. Shredded carrots, cabbage, sliced prawns, scallions, and shiitake. A pretty healthy omelette, all things considered.

Will definitely visit again. It has pretty good, authentic chinese food at prices that are quite difficult to find nowadays.
Sorry if you eat with us and somehow kena one of the more expensive places. We aim to please so if the restaurant for the week is not agreeable to you it is always possible to change plans.

If anyone wants to join, we eat at 11am on Saturdays. I’ve recently lost my phone so you’ll have to send me an email to determine the location for the week. Of course it is not just open to ladies, i’m sure liangze will prefer some male company.


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