My blueberry nights

Today is Deepavali.

I made a blueberry crumble in the morning. This wasn’t really a spur of the moment thing, since I bought a can of blueberries in light syrup last night. And a pint of pistachio ice cream to go with. I baked it in one of my mum’s pizza trays with the fluted edging using her apple pie pastry recipe. And the blueberry filling/crumble came about by gut instinct, from the distant memory of apple crumble baked in westbourne 2 years ago to use up some apple pie pastry. It was round about now, sort of. I remember charmaine and marcus coming over to see if I was alright, and Marcus said my apple pie was tons better than Someone Else’s. I did feel better after that. But that Someone Else has a penchant for making things taste organic (probably because she uses organic things). Hippies have very weird notions of what “soft” means and what “tasty” means. Another hippie I know who went by the same name as that Someone Else always made us try her bread, which she would claim was “super soft” but was in reality almost rock like, even Chris steamed that hippie’s bread in order to make it edible so as not to hurt her feelings.

After portioning some out for my uncle from the Netherlands who is returning today for a visit, for liangze’s parents, and a good amount that went into our stomachs a la mode while the pie was piping hot, there really isn’t much left. Definitely not enough for the geniuses at work.

I do so love baking days.


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