We went to somerset to try the Irish Pub at 313. Actually there are quite a lot of eateries there, like Absolute Thai, or the Trattoria Cucina Italiana but Malones got the best reviews on Hungrygowhere (I really love singaporean food sites, although not all are accurate in their assessments) so that’s where we went. Didn’t get much, just the starter platter (you get to choose 3 of the 4 available starters) and they were out of their riblets (incidentally what we went there for) so we settled for the fish cakes, fried camembert (kind of miss the mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce in the states) and fried chicken wings marinated in five spices.

This was pretty tasty, although the camembert is not strong enough. But then we are not in France so not much is to be expected. Also the cranberry sauce served with was a little on the dilute side. I don’t really like how asians like to dilute sauces to save money. All the hawker centres seem to do it by adding a bunch of corn starch and water until it becomes like the pastes you use in kindergarten in little plastic tubs with the swipey stick? Not this place, their sauces were just watery.

I didn’t really like the fish cakes, although liangze did. I don’t think fish cakes should be made with salmon, but with tender white fish. And the combiner should be cheese, not mashed potato. Oh well. It was also served with a parsley cream sauce that lacked viscosity. (A less precise food reviewer would say it lacks oomph, whatever that smokey word means)

We weren’t real excited about the chicken wings, since after all, fried chicken wings are basically everywhere in singapore. These were the best of the lot though. We’ll probably be back to try the riblets and the crab bake? Don’t really know what a crab bake is but it sounds nice- a sheet of crab meat covered with mozzarella then baked, which you dip garlic toast into. Reminds me of the fake crab meat and cheddar toast I used to make as a snack at home. I hardly have snacks at home now, but recently we’ve stocked up on several packs of cup noodles as well as 3 cans of campbell soup – minestrone, mushroom potage, and a very chinese scallop/mushroom. One for every craving. These are for midnight snacks or korean drama marathons or for when I am sick again and can’t be bothered to go forage for food. I find that if I have no plans to leave the house, I rarely go out to find food. Just tuesday when I was convalescing I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch on whole wheat bread which I hate, but that was all that was in the house. I think all the great food we’ve been eating has started me craving for simpler, wartime fare like the canned or dehydrated food products we’ve been binge buying. But cup noodles are such comfort food.

Their Guinness stout stew did not disappoint, it was a tad salty but we both liked it very much. Felt bad for not ordering more but that was our limit. This diminishing metabolism really makes one feel old.

I’ve been having truly bizarre dreams over the past few nights. I don’t remember exactly what they are but I wake up discomfitted every morning. Wonder what it all means. Probably that it’s time to hold off on all my black comedy books. Death and the Penguin is a really beguiling novel set in Post-Soviet Kiev that is full of sinister creativity. It is reaching an end, hinting at a very unhappy climax. Oh, and the penguin is about to be shipped off to the Antarctic so it will be cured of its depression. No, the penguin is not a metaphor. Haha. Nobody seems to believe that the plot actually involves a real life penguin who is someone’s pet. And that such a book can be worth its salt! (Unlike, say, Watership Down)


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