Tea Chapter

We brought liangze’s folks to a 茶馆 for brunch – this one I visited with mingsee about 4 years ago and remember it vividly for its excellent 茶叶蛋. Although the fact that 4 years later it’s still open is rather baffling. Is there really such a huge chinese tea drinking audience in Singapore? Who would be willing to visit a 茶馆 and pay the $8 cover charge? Generosity is not one of the Chinese’s strong suits. In any case, to the 茶馆 we went and tried two different kind of teas – the french rose flower tea (which I sent to chris)

And another tea called 千里香, or “Thousand mile fragrance”

which I must say was actually very fragrant – all the three notes of 温香,暖香,and 冷香 were there。

We also had the dim sum, which I remember being not very good (as you can see from my post about it 4 years back) but it has improved tremendously on this tasting. While it is not as good as say, Peach Garden or any place that actually specializes in dim sum (Peach Garden’s dim sum is not that great either, maybe that nice little xiao long bao place at Smith Street FC) it wasn’t as horrible as my last impression.

We got two of the dim sum platters, one bao platter

the glutinous rice in lotus leaf:

A bowl of mee sua with some kind of tea leaf boiled into the soup (didn’t get a pic), and of course the tea eggs which I absolutely adore.

I thought I was a huge fan of tea eggs until LZ’s father said he knows somebody who queues for them. Absurd! Where would you ever queue for the tea egg? After eating this one, all the pasar malan tea eggs will pale in comparison though! I brought back a packet of the herbs to make my own again :d


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