Wild Honey

It’s a homey sort of place, with couches and coffee tables littered all around the shop. Waitresses do not take your orders, nor are there menus – everything is written up on the chalkboard/stored in an ipad that you can scroll through. You order at the counter, and it’s not a little ridiculous that you have to pay for their “service” when any self-respecting English pub would never dare to levy a 10% surcharge on your fish and chips since you are ordering at the counter. What service is there? We went there last saturday for brunch and it was crowded! Had to wait for 30 minutes before they could squeeze us both in a tiny table for two. Well since we’d gone all the way to Mandarin Gallery already, we went ahead and waited – besides they have a texting service when your table is ready, which gives you the leeway to meander all around the shops before eating. As Wenbin says (when we offered him chocolates/biscuits before dinner was ready on wednesday), “Hunger is my soy sauce.” lol. I think some PRCs are really cute.

Ordered two kinds of poached eggs (I guess poached eggs are their specialty)
The first with portabello and wilted spinach on very thick brioche (as opposed to an english muffin). This was very good, everything was fresh and sauteed with the right amount of oil and garlic.

wild3The second was the St Michel special which was a poached egg coated in parmesan bread crumbs and deep fried (but still poached inside!), roasted tomatoes on the vine, back bacon, and this spinach parmesan souffle. The nice thing about Wild Honey is that you can actually check the specials every weekend online before even heading to the shop. So I read about the spinach parmesan souffle and kind of expected the same kind of souffles as in Panera, which are pretty awesome if you have a Panera near you – liangze and I used to drive there for breakfast on Tuesdays/Thursdays cause I had no morning classes. I’d also pick up a mac & cheese or onion soup with grated provolone sprinkled inside. It’s weird but I kind of miss Panera, it’s just not the same as breadtalk, because in Panera your bread is kept on warming plates. Of course Breadtalk has a bunch of things Panera would never be able to do, but there isn’t really a good/cheap soup and salad place here that sells passable clam chowder/mac & cheese. I guess singaporeans would probably never see the point in such fattening and bland tasting food (compared to the amazing spice blends used in local cuisine).

wild4SO anyway the souffle was kind of disappointing, almost like a poached meringue like the sort in floating island – not baked, barely any spinach taste, and no cheese. We had a problem finishing it cause it was mushy and somewhat pointless. Anyway it was a special so I doubt it’ll feature on the menu again.

Also I think deep frying an egg after poaching indicates a rather confused chef. The parmesan bread crumb crust just slid off the egg once it was cut open, cause there’s nothing to bind it (unlike say the crust of a croquette), so they may as well have served a regular poached egg with a parmesan crisp on top.

They covered the whole egg and bacon shebang with a ratatouille like tomato based sauce, possibly the same sauce used in their Tunisian breakfast skillet, which I wouldn’t mind trying another day.

I think the prices here are a bit steep for an eggs & bacon joint, after all there’s not much they make that I can’t make, and we were set back about $60 that morning. I would have better spent my $60 polishing up my eggs benedict and hollandaise sauce.


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