Pamplemousse Bistro and Bar

I finally resurrected my trip advisor account to do a review of the Pamplemousse Bistro at Dempsey. The manager at the time saw me taking photos and inquired if I had a food blog and if I could do a post for them, so they could fill up the restaurant (it was far from empty, but there were empty tables here and there). Given how great his service was (I really like that they don’t judge our spending power based on the crappy clothes we wear) I gladly acquiesced.

We went there for lunch yesterday en route to the Bird Park (Dempsey is about a 15 min drive to the Bird Park, cause you just have to get back on Farrer Road, hit the AYE to Tuas, and go directly all the way (you can see the AYE from the Bird Park entrance). The lunch sets are a lot more reasonably priced than the dinner menu, not that the dinner menu is that overpriced or anything, just that you do less damage to your wallet over lunch and get to eat the same thing. Plus they open for lunch and brunch on saturdays, so you don’t have to go on a weekday.

The most outstanding dish (since I already did a review on trip advisor I won’t wax lyrical about the food here) was the Hokkaido scallops, which they served on a slate grey tile with a spoonfull of kaffir lime salt.

I also finally managed to try their bandung infused panna cotta

Which I think would taste better clean, i.e. free of the rhubarb compote at the base, which seems a bit salty. The crumbly thing at the side is also a bit salty, which is weird. I think I’m really not a fan of salt in my desserts.

Next post will be on the beautiful birds in the Bird Park! I’m so glad I’m working for a company with all these corporate passes.

Some Life Hacks in Singapore:
1. It’s free to go to the Bird park on your birthday! Which means half my family can go to the Bird Park on the 5th of March. If I’m not wrong, it’s free for you to go to the zoo as well.
2. All taxi drivers can go to the zoo for free!
3. Senior citizens (aged 55 and above) can watch movies at any Cathay cinema on Mon-Fri before 5pm for $4, with a free cup of coffee or tea thrown in to help them stay away during the movie. I can’t wait to turn 55.
4. If you join the Haagen Dazs club (I’m not sure how, maybe by spending $50 and above in a single receipt? Easy to do if you’re buying an ice cream cake), you get a free scoop of ice cream in the month of your birthday!
5. To book tickets on Sistic (especially if you want to choose the exact seats you want in a concert hall), do it via phone and with a Mastercard so you won’t have to pay a ticket collection fee. There is no additional surcharge for phone orders. The friends of the SSO discount password is GREATCONCERTS to get 10% off. Apparently you’re supposed to show your SSO card upon ticket collection and entrance to the event, but I haven’t been carded yet (I -do- have the card, in case it was ambiguous lol).
6. For boys who haven’t signed up for their free safra membership yet, do it now. I think you get $80 or so in vouchers to eat at the establishments in all the Safras.


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