I’m so thankful for all the people who have tried to make me feel special this week, especially for those who know the way to my heart is through my stomach.

In the last week, we’ve eaten American crab cakes, Singaporean seafood, Portuguese chicken, Teochew cold crabs, French rotisserie chicken, Bavarian pork knuckle, Wiener schnitzel, Belgian mussels, there is truly nothing else Singapore lacks but a cheap mexican joint (Chipotle).
I was taken to dinner by so many people who very generously invited liangze along too and the craziness isn’t over yet. I can only conclude that it is terribly unhealthy to spend your birthday in singapore. In the states we had maybe one nice meal and the next day everything went back to normal. I’d never had an entire week of feasting quite like this. It’s worse than CNY! Although in fairness I must say most meals were moderate, but the German one last night nearly made us implode. There were precious little vegetables (mainly sauerkraut), lots of potatoes, and lots of pork. A fatty pork dominant diet is totally not sustainable in a tropical climate – Fabio suspects that’s why it was deemed non-kosher by the muslims. And after we had struggled to the end, against our better judgment, we ordered a dessert of fried pancake pieces then dipped in caramel (the sugar + water kind), sorta like ba si xiang jiao, replacing the banana pieces with carbs. It was decadent and enormous. Pics for this post will be up once I edit the photos.

This German restaurant is called Magma German Wine Bistro, and it was really empty on a Sunday night. There was a pretty good jazz pianist there although the keyboard was turned up too loud. What exactly is German wine? It’s not real heard of, unlike Italian moscato, barolo, French sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, etc., Spanish rose, cava. I suppose Riesling is German. Apparently (another gobbet of knowledge from our resident European) German wine is actually very good, but they do not produce enough for export. If you look at a map of the vineyards (or fertile-for-grapes area) of Germany (which Magma helpfully furnishes), the wine producing region is a really small sliver of German land, and because of the cold, the grapes are also too small to yield a great quantity of wine for it to be well known. Well I don’t know squat about wine so I’ll just accept everything he says to be true.

The waiters at the wine bistro were real character studies, as is the menu.

The whole place seemed to be run by chinese (coffee shop uncles) although the owner is German. Also the kitchen kind of faces the restaurant, ramen-ya style. Half way through the dinner a repetitive thunking could be heard – they were tenderizing my schnitzel before breading. lol! Very bizarre.


Today we went to Nando’s with szeling for lunch (eating with hands generally easier for the visually impaired) but today she opted not to have anything with bones, so we got her the humongous espetada? skewer thing threaded with chicken thigh and peppers.

She also brought a box of macarons from canele for me! Two lemon, two rose, and two dark chocolate which I am having for tea now. Is it bad to say I love the friends that remember my birthday more than the friends who don’t? :P Only natural, I think. Plus several people actually asked me for favours on my birthday out of the blue, without thinking to wish me. It feels worse, somehow. Like they are only friends with me because of the consequent, tangible, benefits of being my friend.

My dad, having the same birthday as me, was given a flip folder for his birthday. He’s 60 this year! That’s mad old. He’s also the one who folds our clothes (cause he’s semi-retired), so I got him the contraption that we were always using in 802 E Seneca to fold our clothes. You can buy it in Plaza Singapura, but somehow the one I got is not as good as Justin’s. So I suppose remembering or not remembering one’s birthday does not correlate to how utilitarian you are at all :P

I really really wish I were at the FSE conference now. It’s being held in Singapore (for the first time?) which is super convenient but we have already sent 8 people and I think the company doesn’t want to pay for another one, a newbie at that. Hard to justify, really. How many engineers does it take to change a light bulb, and all that jazz.


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