Friday Night Live at Binomio

After a slew of disappointing shots last week I decided to be more serious about my photography this weekend (food-wise) and we visited another restaurant on Friday night (courtesy of the Chope weekly email) called Binomio. Which I brought liangze to cause it sounded like Binomial and it looked like it served pretty good paella. (which it did) Unfortunately we were seated behind a pillar with very little natural light so the photos turned out all dark and wibbly. Here are the edited shots:

Olives to start. I’m not a fan but liangze loved these.

bin2And some gazpacho. I’ll eat gazpacho. It was slightly creamier than the one we had in Providenciales.

We started proper with some nondescript croquetas de la casa ($14) – potato, ham, eggs, and cheese. These were amazing. Glued onto the slate with a little bit of house mayonnaise. can’t really tell from here because they look just like cocktail sausages.

And the evening special with was scallops draped with the fat of pancetta (the gooey film you see on top). Nearly the best scallops this year. Other contenders: The Naked Finn’s grilled in shell, Osia, and Pamplemousse Bistro Bar with the kaffir lime salt. These were really affordable too, at $29 for the entire plate.

And the star of the evening, the chicken and seafood paella for two. They cook it really thinly on the paella pan (so it’s not too much – I was anticipating the need to tapao) and every rice grain is lightly charred – actually the ideal way to cook claypot rice, I wonder why no one is jumping on that bandwagon. If I ever set up a restaurant I would totally sell paella style claypot rice where every single grain is charred. I didn’t get a nice shot of the seafood and chicken all laid out in the paella pan because we told them to plate it for us instead of us attacking the pan on our table like a couple of wildebeests. The shrimp were incredibly sweet, I suspect the same as the ama ebi from Fukuichi, or Alaskan pink shrimp. You can’t buy them anywhere in supermarkets here. They were excellently cooked – the clams, chicken, and shrimp were all incredibly tender and all take different cooking times, so the Spanish have really nailed that.


We ended the meal with more croquettes, this time chocolate ganache croquettes with a white chocolate dipping sauce.

bin7here’s what it looks like cracked open. All in all, a chocoholic’s dream, but the crust could be thinner. Say, if they used filo pastry instead.

If any of you would like to visit this place let’s totally go together and share the paella (so we can fit in some mains too)

After dinner we drove back to Harbourfront to check out what GSS offers Franc Franc had and bought a crapload of plates/mugs/bowls as well as a handheld automatic pepper mill (you press a button and it grinds the pepper onto your dish for you). They will be featured in the next post!


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