Franc Franc plug


A lovely new purple and white striped table runner from last night’s shopping expedition. The cerulean blue ombre vases are also from Franc Franc. White gerberas from Giant at only $3.50. Fresh flowers really make a big difference in your living space.

ff2The Italian drunken noodles from Pinterest from last week’s surfing. Not as great as I had hoped – think Thai drunken noodles would be more aromatic because of the type of alcohol used – I was just trying to clear the last of a bottle of cheap white wine that previously went into last week’s Cajun chicken alfredo and the sabayon cream of my Mango Sabayon pie.

You’ll be surprised how much wine goes into cooking pasta. Won’t say I’ll be making the Italian drunken farfalle again, although the garlic bread (a knob of butter, a clove of minced garlic, garlic bread seasoning, and a dollop of mayonnaise) did make good use of the expired butter rolls Xiumin brought last week for the eggs benedict.

ff3(You can find the rolls peeking out from beneath the eggs cause the supermarket was out of English breakfast muffins)(Also notice the pretty Victorian embossed plate from Franc Franc)

So you would call this a leftovers meal of sorts. I’ve also taken to cooking for Saturday lunches on account of the great light conditions for food photography.

Since this is a Franc Franc plug, here are the brownie cookies (Yvonne Ruperti’s recipe that appeared in this week’s Serious Eats newsletter) that I was rather disappointed by. Rock hard by the time they cooled. Perhaps the idea is that you’re not supposed to leave off eating them before they cool. My dad liked them though.


Look at those beautiful brown doily plates! No need to put lace doilies under your cookies when they are printed onto the freaking plate, which is such a great idea.

All the herbs in the pictures above (mint, basil, chives) are from my balcony garden!


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