New Lens and dinner at the Fat Cat

and some weekend noms

Stuffed chicken wings from the Fat Cat

Along with a bowl of butter chicken, which doesn’t really look like anything.

It came with some pretty oily garlic naan that was not fragrant enough.

We also ordered pad thai with butterflied prawns.

The Fat Cat specializes in European, Thai, and Indian cuisine, and has three little shops in it like a hawker centre. We went for dinner right before choir rehearsal for LZ’s church’s 130th anniversary, which was just over and it was absolutely exhausting.

I had to play for the choir for both saturday and sunday, liangze was a backup bass on saturday (which means to say that he accompanies the worship leader’s singing, but in parts, not that he is an understudy) and I was the pianist for the main service on sunday. Running back and forth from rehearsals is not fun.

Inbetween rehearsals on Saturday we managed to squeeze in a quick lunch at Jack’s Place. I was craving non-asian food because of all the Amish books I was reading – the Amish eat really well: hearty, Germanic food. They like their women plump (which is sexist, but the whole culture seems really sexist to me – the men eat before the women, and the women only get to eat after the men are done, and at a separate table. The women have to prepare and serve food to the men too.) and are frequently encouraging girls to eat more (basically nobody counts calories, ever) but people are not obese either because they spend most of the day choring. There doesn’t seem to be that many chores to do around the house (in my opinion), considering my house gets cleaned about once a week. Most of them live on farmsteads though so there lots of farming activities like milking cows, gathering eggs, cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the males in the house who go out to the fields to farm, cleaning their buggies, washing clothes, and all this is done without electricity so I guess I can see where the huge time consumption comes from. Anyway for their meals they always have at least 5 different dishes, such as, fried chicken, ribbon salad (which is NOT a salad at all, but more like tricolored agar agar), pickled beet eggs, baked potatoes, sweet dill pickles, peanut butter cookies, and fresh bread. Oh yeah, they also bake their own bread, which if you have ever tried, takes a crap lot of time to knead and rise.

Most of the food turns my stomach, such as pickled beet eggs (peeled, boiled eggs that are soaked in a solution of cooked beets and cider vinegar so that they are dyed bright pink and are kinda sour) and ribbon salad (cream cheese between layers of jello) but the rest sound like they could be quite delicious. So anyway because of my western food craving we decided to eat at Jack’s Place. The last time I ate there was literally a year ago and not by my choosing. It’s really not that great, I don’t think they age their beef properly, and there’s no particular fragrance to their steaks, compared to say, steaks at the Rose. And it’s really obvious that their cuts are not really great, because they smother every single steak in a pretty flavourful sauce, like brown sauce, mushroom sauce, black pepper sauce, etc.

This was liangze’s steak.

It came with a pretty nice baked potato. woops, focus was off.

and a lobster bisque (the bisques here are really stingy on the cream and the sherry. As a result it tastes more like hay mee soup than anything else)

fatc7I made the mistake of ordering the shrimp risotto. They stated proudly in the menu that they sourced for arborio rice and simmered it with stock or something.
What I actually got was fancy plated cai peng.
I wonder if they know arborio rice is not the be all and end all of a risotto,
which needs to be slow cooked by adding the broth in small quantities at a time.


The lens I’m using now is a cheap prime lens: 35mm (it has my ideal focal length of 25cm) and f2. It was about $450. The f1.4 was about $2000, so ‘cheap’ is relative. It’s light, clear, and has great colors. I also ordered it online (which lends it some sketchiness) but it has served me well so far. We’ll be bringing this and our Tamron 18-200mm to Sydney this Thursday.


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