Hungarian wax peppers

So. I’ve been hunting (on the internet) for fresh Hungarian paprika – something we used to eat all the time in Budapest. I didn’t like it much, but I recently emailed lz’s old roomie in Budapest if he would like to meet up to prepare a Hungarian meal together before he leaves for his PhD and of course any meal would be incomplete without fresh paprika. It is shaped halfway between a jalapeno (long, like a sze chuan chilli) and a bell pepper – basically a rather fat chilli. It is neon green – something which I have never seen here or in the states, but we saw in Harris Farms near our hotel in Sydney – the shape seemed a bit wrong though, so I didn’t buy any paprika back. Big mistake! Looks like you can’t find paprika in Singapore at all! And I thought we imported everything. The Google search I did on buying fresh jalapenos (figured that would be easier than Hungarian paprika, and whichever store carries paprikas would have to carry jalapenos) had very interesting yields as to the language differences between singapore,, and hardwarezone:

I also stumbled upon this hilarious site called Hungry Ang Mo lol that covers vegan food in Singapore. There’s a page for vegan scrambled eggs. What on earth are vegan scrambled eggs? Sounds just like vegetarian chicken rice.

If the Hungarian paprika is ever located I will post again.


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