Liangze’s mum was at a Librarian’s conference last sunday and couldn’t prepare Sunday dinner (she typically does) so I volunteered to make vongole. Never done it before! :P

We got a whole bunch of clams (1.38kg) from NTUC – tried the Bishan Market and then the Bishan NTUC to no avail. You won’t believe how difficult it is to find clams here – the ones we get in Singapore are fresh, of course, you can’t buy them the day before – LZ’s mum says they used to go to the Kallang river to pick clams and they’d actually cook those! The clams we wound up with were rainbow clams from the Philippines, which are very clean and large to boot.

Not a speck of sand on these.

There were several recipes online, all variations on a theme. The key is to fry up the garlic/shallots/chilli flakes, toss the clams in, and THEN the wine. We used some cheap white wine from NTUC and even cheaper flat leaf parsley from the Bishan market

Which was not Italian parsley but it was OK.

The spaghetti was overcooked – I think another thing recipes don’t mention is the fact that the spaghetti should be slightly undercooked in the boiling water, because it undergoes further cooking once you dump them into the wok with the clam juice. Oh well. This was my first time and his uncle liked it quite a lot.

I really like how fresh clams are here. His mum says if we got the normal kind (which are much smaller, think Modesto’s vongole, or even Spaghetti Goemon’s),
they’re like $5-$6 a kg. The rainbow clams we got which were ginormous were about $20 for our 1.4kg, but I think you pay for what you get, cause the clams were really clean and sweet.


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