Weekend Cooking

So we loitered around the supermarkets in NeX on sunday and discovered regular clams at 35c for 100gm in Cold Storage – Which would make 1kg only $3.50! Now you know. I think regular clams also have a stronger essence than the rainbow clams I used.

This weekend’s baking was edible but not fantastic (although I did write down the nutella banana muffin recipe for my recipe box)

Walnuts left over from the almas retes which I chopped and kept in my new aluminium heart bowl – we had the car from Wed – Thurs so I did some shopping over lunch break at Franc Franc – these cute (human) heart shaped aluminium bowls were $4.20 each – frosted on the inside, chrome on the outside.

And 5 overripe bananas I commissioned my parents to buy from Chong Pang, a haven for cheap fruit – the later it gets at night/or the riper your fruit, the cheaper it is.

Dividing the batter into paper muffin cups (the ones I brought back from Budapest! From one of those Papersziget stores) and swirling the tops with nutella – This was hard because my nutella is a few months old and kind of stale. :S Needed to be heated up in a microwave oven, or if you want extra pretty swirls, get a fresh bottle of nutella.

The finished product. My conclusion – too much baking soda in this recipe from the Novice Chef. I would cut the quantities entirely, or else replace 0.5 tsp of the baking soda with baking powder. Cut the sugar too, the bananas are plenty sweet when they are over ripe. I substituted walnuts for the pecans, cause I had those lying around. The muffin didn’t depart from the paper cups easily, so I would consider more oil, or changing the oil to butter entirely, which means my brother wouldn’t be able to consume them next time. We’ll see.

The chewy malted milk chocolate cookies also happened, but at night when I was torn between being lazy and being productive.

I brought a jar over to LZ’s house and people seemed to like them, although I think over time they get chewier and chewier, which we don’t want in a cookie. I still haven’t quite mastered how to make a soft cookie, like the Mrs Field’s fudge variety.

The last thing I cooked on Saturday was the Pioneer Woman’s BBQ chicken and pineapple quesadillas, which I’ve made twice while staying on Stewart Street (even with a vegetarian portabello option for Tiffany when she was crashing my place)

As before, ripe pineapple from Chong Pang. Grilled with a light honey glaze in the Happy Chef. My dad said he’d prefer it less cooked through.

Grilled pineapple chunks and onions. All great fodder for quesadillas.

And the crowning glory that is BBQ glazed chicken, only I used my sweet and spicy chicken glaze, which has been sitting in the fridge for awhile. This was so beautiful.

All cut up for filling.

Can’t see much in the compiled quesadilla, but it tasted awesome, especially when smothered in Monterey Jack cheese.

This is one of the few things I’ve cooked that I actually approve of and enjoyed eating! Kudos to the Pioneer Woman.
I also uploaded a ton of my Ithaca/Cornell shots on flickr (as backup) – they can be downloaded in full res now, anywhere. Makes me feel like digging out my triomino set which I got at a chimes Secret Santa. Looking through old photos only highlights to me exactly how sucky my food photography was at cornell and how bad my editing is :S Most of the flowers in Chris’ garden are over saturated.

Tonight we’re going back to UTown and making completely upscaled BLTs!


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