Bread Talk

If you use Visa Paywave in supermarkets nowadays (NTUC) they’ll give you a free loaf of white bread (the kind that’s square) provided you spend over $30. MaiF collected a wholemeal loaf on her last shopping trip and I had fun thinking of ways to use it up:

There were the upscaled BLTs from Serious Eats – candied bacon and tomato jam sandwiches.

as well as Bananas Foster french toast:

Which was a little weird with wholemeal bread but still tasted pretty good. I never thought of using vanilla essence in my french toast. A protip to keep all the slices of toast warm before everyone eats together is to preheat your oven to about 160°C or 200°F and dump the fried bread in there directly out of the pan.

There wasn’t much bread left after that! Although I had also planned for a nice cioppino with garlic bread for dipping and some bread and butter pudding. Over the weekend BBQ I redeemed my own loaf of bread, but it goes quickly in my house – my dad eats four slices for breakfast alone. I wonder if it’s normal for a 60 year old man.


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