Pre-concert dinner at Nine Thirty

The Loola’s by Awfully Chocolate at the esplanade mall has revamped and renamed itself to become Nine Thirty. The new menu options are way more appealing and reasonably priced. In Loola’s, all we could find to order was the spatchcock for two as well as the crab cheese souffle, both of which were delectable, but the Barossa spatchcock is much better.

Now they have a pre-theatre menu (I’m not very sure what they mean, since the esplanade theatre doesn’t have as many shows as the concert hall and the theatre scene in singapore in general quite subdued.) This menu is not super interesting, but we got it to try anyway ($36 for theatre ticket holders):

Started with the tandoori chicken salad with a rather tangy and sweet mustard dressing. You can also opt for their house salad.

We got their chicken wrapped in paper (zi bao ji), served with steamed mantou and salad. It was actually quite nice, but the chicken was a little bland even if it was juicy. The paper browns nicely but this does not translate directly to maillard reaction tasting chicken. It was also pretty hard to extract the meat from the parchment.

I played safe and got the bangers and mash. The chipolatas were quite nice, but the mashed potato while smooth, was slightly off due to the fact that they puree the potatoes with sour cream. I prefer my mashed potatoes with butter and carnation milk. The poached egg is a nice touch, as were the sauteed mushrooms and parmesan.

The meal was rounded off with a lovely flourless chocolate cake and a scoop of hei ice cream – best chocolate ice cream in singapore we’ve ever had. Most awfully chocolate outlets carry it, I think. Definitely worth a try!

In other news, I am very interested in getting this Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker – I’m a huge fan of breakfast sandwiches. My goto order at Mcdonalds in the morning is the sausage egg mcmuffin (this depends on country though, I really detest the sausage in Australia.. there’s something vaguely gamey about it) I think I ordered a Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver for my mum before though and it basically died after shaving the 3rd ice block so this idea will be shelved for awhile.


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