Comfort Food

I was looking around for a pirated recipe for Chili’s skillet queso so I could get LZ to import back the products I need (Hormel canned no beans chili, which is incredibly difficult to find here, plus Velveeta cheese)

Copycat skillet queso

I found the skillet on Amazon, of course and made this delicious recipe. IT IS EXACT. Me and the hubby were in Chili’s queso heaven. We saw a glimpse of our future last night being able to make large amounts of queso at home and living fat and happily ever after.

The author sounds so adorable. I could probably get the skillet from ToTT or any other cookware store. But if anyone knows where I can find Hormel chilli and Velveeta cheese please tell me! I will be eternally grateful and make it for you.

For the record the skillet queso here is $11.

We found another crockery and cookware shop in Star Vista today while looking for chinese comfort food at Canton Paradise. It’s been raining on and off the past week or so (I was caught in the rain on my way to the office today) and tis the perfect weather for century egg and lean pork congee as well as scrambled egg with tomato. The scrambled egg with tomato at Canton Paradise is the best I have ever had, beating the pants off Apollo (obviously) as well as Crystal Jade’s (too sweet). I have no idea how they manage to get the umami of the tomato to manifest so explicitly (msg, probably) but it’s perfect rainy day food!

Anyway the crockery shop is called TSB, short for The Story Begins, the first shop of its kind in Singapore and it sells really adorable Japanese bowls and plates. Kind of on the expensive side, but no one’s counting. I didn’t buy anything today because I would have to lug it back myself without the car. I may take the plunge next week to chase away the no-liangze blues~


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