Liangze’s cake was a huge success. Ok, not huge, but a pretty big one in that it tasted fantastic. A teeny bit flat, because I could only fit two meringue rounds in my oven instead of three. I may make it again for Junyi’s birthday (let’s see how busy I am around then) with a smaller cake round (so I can stack it higher too). The egg white leavened mousse was super velvety! 6 egg whites beaten stiff, plus 3 egg yolks, and melted chocolate/butter folded into them. Amazing. Think there probably isn’t much of it left – I would have liked to take more home from his grandma’s place (I made it for the celebration at his grandparent’s place in Toa Payoh) but it seemed a little greedy to ask for more so that my parents could try it. It was really pretty too – I got out my gold food paint and gilded some of the meringue sticks – I would post pictures but they have banned flickr access at my workplace. !

Since we are both on leave tomorrow I have been looking for fun things to do – and there are lots of places in Singapore that seem really interesting! I admit I have kind of been hiding under a rock for the longest time – shuttling between the supermarkets and my house to cook on the weekends and occasional shopping and movies, all at highly accessible places like Vivocity or Orchard etc. Self-entertainment is good and well but we have the car tomorrow so will be going to slightly less boring places! Probably some weekends we can look into completing the entire list :)


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