Thanksgiving 2013

This post will be a massive organization of my thoughts and planning for Thanksgiving 2013. Usually I don’t have to do much more than manual labor for Chris (One Thanksgiving we baked 8 pies. Yeah, that’s right. Cherry, chocolate, apple, pecan, pumpkin, etc. etc.) It’s easy to bake pies when you have ready made pie shells and canned fruit/pie filling. Here of course, pies will be from scratch.

I The Menu
Brie en Croute

Easy Herb-rubbed Turkey
Red wine and shallot gravy
Mashed potatoes (my own recipe) – Thanksgiving protip: Mash the potatoes (Russets or Yukon Gold only) first without seasonings (especially without dairy), and keep in fridge. Right before serving, nuke it and mash in softened butter, carnation milk, salt and pepper. Chicken stock/sour cream/cream cheese if that does it for you.
Green bean casserole (Chris’ recipe)

(1 can green beans or 1 Lb. frozen beans, thawed
1 can condensed mushroom soup
1/2 cup milk
dash Worcestershire sauce
1 can (3 oz. or larger) French fried onions

Mix everything except about half the can of onions, bake at 350 until bubbly in the middle, sprinkle with remainder of onions, and bake another 5-10 minutes, total time maybe 30-40 minutes.)

Cranberry sauce
Deviled eggs (Chris’ recipe)
Cornbread stuffing (Using Pepperidge Farm’s cornbread stuffing premix, and adapting bits from this recipe – this will not go into the turkey though, lest it increase baking time. It’ll be baked separately.)

Apple pie a la mode (my mum’s recipe)

II The Company
Liangze and I will be cooking at his aunt’s apartment in UTown, so that’s 3 of us. I am also inviting 3 of my newer colleagues at work. I need guys who can eat. (and who are good company). So that’s 6 in total, if everyone can make it.

III The Grocery List
Part 1: Things to bring from home
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 apple

1 large spanish onion
4 large cloves of garlic
Spices: salt, my black pepper mill, white pepper, cinnamon, paprika, Italian herbs (dried thyme), dried oregano
Fresh sage and chives from my balcony garden, about 1/4 cup each, rosemary sprigs for garnish
Fresh parsley
1 tbsp sherry, 1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
1/2 cup milk
1 cup red wine

Part 2: Things to buy
Frozen puff pastry [HV]
250g salted butter, and some [HV]
1 dozen eggs [HV]
1 wheel President’s brie [HV]
1 can cranberry sauce
1 can green beans
1 can condensed mushroom soup
1 can French fried onions
1 turkey (9-10 lbs)

Pepperidge Farm Cornbread stuffing
1 quart of chicken/turkey broth [HV]
7 russet potatoes [HV]
1 can carnation milk
Aluminium foil
Cling wrap

One 9″ x 13″ roasting pan [HV]

Part 3: Implements
Good knife
Potato masher
Instant read thermometer
Roasting pans
Boar’s hair brush
White ceramic bowls
Ladle for gravy
Cooking twine (for tying up the brie en croute and turkey legs)

IV: The Schedule/Checklist
Make pate sucree for apple pie, chill.

Scout out groceries in Holland V Cold Storage.
Complete apple pie
Make apple/walnut compote for brie en croute filling
Make gravy

Pass apple pie, brie filling, gravy, implements/groceries from home (see Part III) to Maifen during lunch.
Buy whatever groceries that are not available in Cold Storage from NTUC – French fried onions, 1 can green beans, celery
Choose Thanksgiving playlist :)

Buy remaining groceries
In this order:
Preheat oven to 450°F/230°C and place roasting pan on oven floor
Make herb butter for turkey
Butter the turkey, stuff a lemon in the cavity and tie the legs together with twine
Reduce the oven temperature to 300°F/148°C
Thaw puff pastry sheet
Boil potatoes and eggs
BY 3PM: Make the stuffing, put it in a casserole dish and refrigerate
BY 3:30PM: Wrap brie and mincemeat in thawed puff pastry, tie with twine and refrigerate
BY 4:30PM Mash potatoes while hot
BY 5PM Make deviled eggs (30 mins)
Thaw the apple pie and the gravy
Mix the green bean casserole together (15 mins)
Mix up the cranberry sauce, pour into decorative bowls, garnish with rosemary (15 mins)
Turn the oven up to 180°C and put the green bean casserole and stuffing in (30-40 mins)
BY 6:30PM When stuffing is brown, remove from oven and replace with Brie en croute (bake for 15-30 mins) [375°F/190°C]
Warm mashed potatoes and apple pie in hot oven (turned off).

I have yet to put timings in (my least favorite part). Wish Chris were here to do it for me!

V: Temperatures for Food Safety
On an instant read thermometer,
Turkey: Deepest part of breast reads 150°F, legs clock in at 165°F
Stuffing: 165°F

Should I bake the mashed potatoes after mashing so it forms a nice swirly/cheesy crust on top?
Does gravy taste worse when it’s not served in a gravy boat? :P
Where can I find a skin on, bone in turkey breast in Singapore? Holland V Cold Storage sells! Both smaller turkeys and 2-3 lb turkey breasts with skin on.


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