Caramelized Orange Cheesecake

I was perusing the Serious Eats top 10 cheesecake recipes slideshow and stumbled upon this amazing looking recipe for caramelized orange cheesecake. Well since I have like 3 boxes of graham crackers I decided to make this (plus the strawberry jelly hearts cheesecake was a little flat). This one required baking, and some samplers said it was a tad too sweet – I had already cut the sugar in the recipe but Singaporeans just really don’t like sugar that much.

The final product was amazingly pretty, with the stained glass effect as promised:

It’s a challenge to cut super thin orange slices though – I would suggest chilling/maybe even freezing the orange first (Think bulgogi/sukiyaki). And fresher Valencia oranges tend to get candied much faster than old oranges.

Making the syrup for the top and candy-fying the orange was really fun – I’ve never actually done it before.

The resultant graham cracker crust was much thinner than anticipated, then again I think I should stop making cheesecakes in my 9in springform pan and switch to one with a smaller diameter.


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