Cugini Trattoria Pizzeria

Cugini website

Dinner tonight with Gracia was at Ann Siang Hill – we had no idea there was no parking there after 7pm, not being hip enough to go to the bars there. The petit navire staff chased us off from the lots outside their establishment. We were actually going to eat at that restaurant, but Gracia’s allergic to shellfish(!)

So we headed to a quaint little pizzeria nearby all done up in blue and white paint, evoking the idea of a seaside fish fry shop in Brighton or Rimini.

They served a bread basket of crusty white bread and focaccia accompanied by a vegetable/cheese dip that tasted a lot like gazpacho.

We started with the 300g burrata [$29.90] since we’re all suckers for creamy italian cheese

It was humongous. Doused in some sort of pesto oil. We asked for a cruet of balsamic vinegar and dressed the salad and cheese with it.

Gracia and LZ ordered the beef carpaccio served with a soft boiled quail’s egg [$20.90]. No idea how this tasted.

Next came a great pizza margherita [$18.90]- LZ’s favorite.

Not enough basil, I think, and the crust could be better but it was pretty good all the same. The tomato sauce base was divine, as was the mozzarella on it.

I chose the veal ravioli topped with cabbage and drizzled with a barolo reduction [$26.90]

This was really tasty. Perhaps I would have liked more dumplings but less veal in each.

We ended with the chocolate souffle (actually a fondant cake)

which was served with home-made vanilla ice cream; and liangze opted for the white chocolate panna cotta

covered in some pistachio crumble and raspberry compote.

Both desserts were delightful. I liked that you didn’t need to make a reservation to be seated on a friday night! You have no idea how difficult it is to find a restaurant that is not fully booked (I was looking forward to eating at InItaly or at Platters)


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