Lunch at Roadhouse

Roadhouse website

We went here on Monday with Edmund and LM because LZ drove to work. Edmund had taken a fall on Sunday and tore a ligament in the process, so he needed some good food to cheer him up :P

So the Roadhouse has a 2 course set lunch [$25] and a 3 course set lunch [$28], which are pretty well sized for an afternoon meal. Those are the same prices as at the University Club, which is unsurprising considering that they are owned by the same people.

We started with the mushroom frittatas – basically little omelettes they had chopped up into wedges, topped with caramelized onions.

Edmund and Im both had the wagyu burger with all the fixings. This place definitely serves one of the best burgers in Singapore.

LZ had the curried fish burger – they marinate the fish in a curry blend and then batter it. It was really amazing with mango chutney and jalapenos. Best fish sandwich I ever had.

And I opted for the breakfast set – Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale – I gave the smoked salmon one to LZ and tried some of his fish sandwich.

Everything was pretty amazing as usual, until the desserts came and really got the party started.

They ordered the brownie sundae – brownie cubes in a little mason jar topped with huge scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, a maraschino cherry, and home made chocolate fudge sauce. Yeah it doesn’t look like much from the picture, but the Prive group does some pretty wicked brownies.

I had the lemon meringue tart, which had a very zesty lemon curd and honeycomb crumble on top – think I shall try making this myself when gracia comes over! I still have one bag of frozen pate sucree leftover from my Thanksgiving apple pie, so the tart base is essentially done already.

It’s so nice to have so many things to celebrate during lunch. New house for me and lz. Get well soon for Edmund. December is coming along really nicely.


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