Dinner at Don Quijote, Dempsey

Don Quijote website

We were here to celebrate F’s one year anniversary in Singapore :)
Last year I took him and MS to Modesto’s at Vivocity, and it’s since closed to open Modesto’s Pizzeria on the 3rd floor next to Marche. Perhaps next year we shall hear that Don Quijote has closed.

The food here was okay, better than your average tapas place, although I have yet to try Serenity or District 10, which looks a little grungy. Binomio decidedly has better paella than this place, but don’t write this off just yet, there are plenty of gems here too.

We started with 6 tapas
The mushrooms fried with garlic (setas al ajillo) – not bad, but nothing special

gambas al ajillo (a perennial favorite of ours at Pata Negra in Budapest) – quite good here but doesn’t have the same wok hei

the grilled live prawns with garlic (carnaroli) – these were better, extremely fresh and sweet.

the scallop and crabmeat gratin in-shell (they were out of oven roasted scallops) – amazing! I would definitely order this again. It’s basically shredded crabmeat and scallop baked in a béchamel sauce. Sounds so easy, but I bet I can’t replicate it.

the patatas bravas – these were decidedly meh. The Disgruntled Chef does much better patatas bravas. F was extremely amused that all of us wanted to order patatas bravas (bebi, you know what patatas bravas are? they’re cheeps. CHEEPS.) and this totally proved him right. Just this time!!

and the jambon croquetas. This was the second star of the night, with the first being the scallop and crabmeat gratin.

We ended with the paella, which was not bad, had a LOT of king prawns, regular prawns, mussels, and clams, and was cooked in a rather flavorful saffron stock. But the rice grains were not as beautifully charred as Binomio’s paella, which is almost like a claypot rice. This was also more affordable. To feed 4 people, you just need to order a medium sized paella.

All in all, pretty good, I’d come back just for those croquetas and gratinated scallops. But never the patatas bravas :P I wonder if they’re open for lunch!


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