Lunch at the Disgruntled Chef

The Disgruntled Chef website

We decided on eating here last week because they have a beautiful set lunch that is $28 for 2 courses, and $33 for 3. Their food has never disappointed us once, except for the afternoon chocolate fondant cake – for some reason it is always overcooked when we go for lunch. We haven’t really sent it back, because it takes extremely long for them to whip up another one. They have a huge selection of desserts though, so you can order anything else. When done properly, their fondant cake is very nice though.

We started with the cos lettuce salad with prawns, desiccated prosciutto, and ebiko.

I didn’t super fancy this, but LZ thought it was good.

Instead I had breaded portabello salad with a poached egg. It was pretty amazing.

Here it is with the yolk oozing out. How they get such a perfect ovoid is beyond me. I guess that’s why I’m not a chef.

I ordered the crayfish mac & cheese, which is one of the best mac & cheeses I’ve had on this side of the globe. It’s not super legit in that the sauce is not creamy and most of the cheese is piled on top; but the non creamy sauce that surrounds the penne and chunks of crayfish was excellent.

Again with the tarragon. What, is it in season or something?

LZ ordered part of the lunch set, which was the braised pork cheek with mashed potatoes.

It was divine, and I don’t even like pork. Even more divine than the Japanese way of doing toroniku. Every little bit melted in your mouth, and all the fat had rendered. The red wine gravy was excellent. I still dream about this pork cheek.

Why they cannot get this cake right is beyond me.


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