Brunch at Canopy, Bishan Park

Canopy website

We went here for brunch on Hari Raya Haji – it got crowded pretty quick and even had a queue (as I imagine happens every weekend) so making a reservation would be a good idea.

My dad ordered the yoghurt with muesli and chunks of mango. He liked it.

I had the chilli crab spaghetti myself, which is not bad, but I really like the spanner crab capellini done by Pamplemousse Bistro better. This was good but a bit much for one person. Not in terms of quantity, but in terms of feeling sick of it, like if you ate an entire plate of carrot cake. Eating alone must be really tough.

L ordered the English breakfast, which was average. It’s so easy to do I don’t see why people don’t just stay home and cook it themselves. When I make a full english breakfast (like I do when I’m in a hotel with a kitchenette) I usually scramble some eggs, saute button mushrooms, fry up Johnsonville’s beddar with cheddar sausages, and crack open a can of baked beans. For carbs I usually toast some bread cause deep frying a hashbrown is too much work, and toasting it in the toaster usually makes it stick to the foil.

My mum ordered the boeuf bourguignon (one of the few mains they have) because she really likes beef stew. I thought it was pretty good, but the one at cotton bleu at Thomson Rd is better.

We’re big eaters for breakfast. I don’t remember if they have eggs Benedict but it is a bit strange that none of us ordered it. The setting in this restaurant is really nice as there’s a ton of greenery around it and the building is basically draped with ferns and mosses. It has a glass front so you can enjoy the park around you while you nosh, perfect for lazy weekend breakfasts. The place has limited seating so I wouldn’t really recommend coming in a crowd (L had a class gathering here :S).


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