Dinner at Da Laura

Da Laura website

We headed here during World Pasta week because of Appetite’s Top 10 hand-made pasta list which featured its bolognese. I really like handmade pastas (one of the redeeming qualities of Jamie’s) but don’t get why they cost so much. Isn’t most of our meepok and meekia also handmade? I mean, machine made, but as fresh as pasta fatta in casa. And those are like $3.50 a bowl. I suppose they don’t really use butter, which explains the price differential.

They have a really good grissini here, serve wrapped in lace.

We tried their stracciatella cheese (not the ice cream flavour) – it was amazing. Stracciatella is the heart of the burrata (i.e. the creamiest section), and they top it with freshly ground black pepper. It was amazing, as were the tomatoes it was served with.

So of course we tried the tagliatelle bolognese. The picture on the appetite website made it look pretty legit (without tomato sauce) but they did add some tomato sauce to their ragu. I was hoping for something more along the lines for bolognese sauce in bologna (which is amazing, you have to go try it). This was not bad either but non-comparable with the Bologna bolognese because they’re two remarkably different things.

L wanted one of the daily specials, the porcini cappelini – very delicate noodles in a porcini sauce. This was pretty pricey cause of the fresh porcini, maybe about $35.

One of their more popular desserts as culled from food websites – the cannoncini are basically little pastry horns filled with cream and served warm with powdered sugar. I loved them, but we were pretty stuffed by then.

We also tried their tiramisu, which was extremely light and floaty and possibly the best tiramisu I’ve had here. The one I make is quite a bit boozier but this one manages to leaven the mascarpone-zabaglione mixture perfectly, without compromising on texture. When I fold stiffened egg-whites into my mascarpone it gets all pock-marked and weird, so I wanted to ask Laura what her grandmother used to leaven her mascarpone but didn’t get up the guts. It sounds like an old (secret) family recipe I couldn’t get a good picture of this because of the lighting. The rest of the pictures are pretty meh too, but for documentation’s sake they’re up here.

This is a great place to eat, not only because of the amazing food, but also because the interior is set like a European house so there’s an extremely homey feel to your dinner. You can email or call in for reservations, and Laura is extremely friendly.


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