Dinner at InItaly

Yet another restaurant on the list of top handmade pastas in Singapore: InItaly. It’s difficult to get a spot here on the weekend without a reservation. We came here in October for C’s birthday :)

They started us off with a bowl of grissini, and also rather interestingly, deep fried ravioli with a minty pesto dip. It was really nice.

We decided to try the burrata here as well, being in some sort of burrata phase where we go around eating the burrata in every Italian restaurant we walk into. Their platter was excellent, particularly the sweet yellow pepper compote thing that went perfectly with the prosciutto. Here are the tomatoes that came with the platter.

L got the veal ravioli, which I didn’t quite fancy because of the sauce. The only buttery sauce base I like for pasta is sage and brown butter.

I got the orrechiette featured in the Appetite article and it was fantastic. I liked it best. I think orrechiette look like mini abacus seeds (the starchy tapioca beads used in some chinese cooking). Literally, it means ‘little ears’.

We also ordered the squid ink risotto with soft shell crab. It was extremely dramatically plated with a sheet of gold foil in the middle bubbling up from the heat of the risotto. The soft shell crab was amazing and the risotto was extremely creamy.

I would give the desserts here a miss. They are pricey and the tiramisu loses hands down to Da Laura’s.

I very much liked the layout of the restaurant, with the island bar in the middle. They were having some truffle specials on the chalkboard outside which we didn’t try in the end but they looked really good. I thought all of the pastas were pretty good and would definitely like to return here. You can make reservations here on Chope.


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