Dinner at Tomo Izakaya

Tomo Izakaya website

We headed here for dinner right before the concert that was Mozart’s Swan Song, which featured his clarinet concerto. Perhaps someone at the SSO does not know what ‘swan song’ means.

Since we were coming after work, we only had about an hour to choke down our dinner before heading to the concert hall. Now this restaurant is in the Esplanade itself, so one would expect it to be used to customers having to finish their meal before 7:30pm and be able to handle the rush.

But no, this place said that nearly anything that required grilling (we’re talking about yakitori, kushiyaki, gindara saikyoyaki, literally half the menu) would take at least 30-40 minutes to prepare. Zomg! Is this reasonable? Why would the esplanade rent the restaurant space out to a restaurant that takes eons to cook your food? Does it expect to not serve a single concert/theatre-goer? Good grief.

So I had to nix the long list of things I was intending to order and go for quick items, such as the onsen tamago, which was served cold. (Is this normal?)

We also had some tamago sushi (my favorite) – the combination of sweet egg and vinegared rice was perfect

L’s dad had the shishamo, or pregnant smelt fish, which I’m not exactly a fan of but this is not cheap.

We also had agedashi tofu which was average,

Their house salad with yakiniku pork and a creamy sesame salad dressing which I quite liked

roe coated soft-shell crab sushi – barely average

and the garlic fried rice, which barely made the mark. (The best one I’ve had so far was at Fukuichi)

One of the waitresses knocked into the menu I was holding while serving something and didn’t bother apologising. Most of the waitstaff are surly and those that are not, are inattentive.

You can’t win with this place! Give it a miss.


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