Lunch at Siam Kitchen

Siam Kitchen website

We had lunch here after church because I was craving their tom yum soup.

I’m not really a fan of tom yum soup, never got the whole hot and spicy thing going on. But their seafood tom yum soup [$7.90] is really complex and not overloaded with basil. One should note that their seafood tom yum soup is not equivalent to the chicken tom yum soup – we ordered both (they come in huge bowls, mind you; you should order one bowl to two people) and were so surprised that it wasn’t just the same soup base with different meats added. The chicken one is a quite bit lighter, leaning towards the poh teck side.

It was the first time trying green curry for me – and theirs is extremely creamy and flavourful. I have no idea why it’s green though, seeing as it’s like a sweeter, more coconutty counterpart to our red nyonya curries. We had jasmine rice to go with this.

We also had the pad thai, and they were slightly overzealous with the tangerine juice this time. Usually it’s perfect here, in any case, much better than Thai Express or other Thai chains.

One of my new go-to things to order at Siam Kitchen is the wok fried kailan with salted fish. It’s fried with garlic and chilli and extremely fragrant and not that spicy, which was a plus since we were already experiencing a sensory overload from the tom yum soup and the fiery pad thai.

L had the butterfly juice – a purple rose-lime concoction that’s pretty but somewhat disturbingly named.

The restaurant is very spacious and usually has lots of seats, probably because NeX has so many restaurants. I’d definitely recommend trying the food here instead of queueing at Din Tai Fung. They’ve got good Thai roasted chicken and also grilled stingray, although their stingray is nothing like the Singaporean sambal kind so don’t be misled by the pictures in the menu.


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