Lunch at the University Club

The University Club Website

This is one of those perfect places to go to for a work lunch when you’re celebrating something special, particularly if you work in the science park. Reservations are usually not required for lunch, unless you have a large group. Flip flops are also not allowed! I was turned away once because of that. Sandals are fine though.

They have set lunches at $25++ for 2 courses and $28++ for 3 courses, just like the Roadhouse. The menu is split into appetizers, mains, and desserts, with about 5 options in each section – something to please everybody. There are also optional add ons (usually $2 or $4 extra) if you want scallops as an appetizer, or beef as a main, etc.

This time, L had the tuna carpaccio dressed in soy and yuzu to start

I am not a fan of raw fish, so I ordered the Caesar salad. This place does the best Caesar salad in Singapore.
with great dressing, very nice parmesan, and a beautifully poached egg (if you are ordering it for dinner)

I had the grilled ribs with new potatoes as a main – it was exquisite. Even the broccoli was steamed in some kind of white wine. I’ve never seen anywhere put so much effort into broccoli (well, the Ocean Restaurant at the SEA Aquarium does a pretty good broccoli too)

And L had the spaghettini – I can’t really remember what was in here. Dashi? Ebiko? Their pastas are always very nice.

For dessert, we had the brownie with chocolate salt.

The brownie was super moist and tender, almost like the inside of a lava cake.

And also the creme brulee

This was pretty good, despite them not caramelizing the sugar properly. I’m usually not a fan of ordering creme brulee because I use Alton Brown’s recipe and it is perfect. However heavy cream is expensive here and sometimes you don’t want to go to the trouble of making like 8 ramekins of creme brulee and run the risk of eating creme brulee for the next three days.

I really love this place, it’s one of my favourite dining places in Singapore. You don’t need to be an NUS alumnus or even student (for I am neither) to book a spot here, unlike the Scholar in the guildhouse, but it helps if you are ordering a la carte items if you’re here for dinner because they give a 25% discount I think.


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