4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

We had a quick bite here after one of those sunday afternoon chamber performances at SOTA and so far it’s been our goto place for cheap and good food at PS.

L and I usually go for the drumlets and wings (6 or 12pcs) with half soy garlic and half spicy. The spicy is pretty hot for me and I usually finish the entire soda if I get an especially drenched wing. The chicken, in the typical Korean style, is fried twice, so the fats render completely. They are also only glazed at the last minute, and you are notified via the little blinking pill that your food is ready, so it’s always freshly made and unsoggy.

I quite like their mantou burgers but there’s too much kimchi slaw inside and not enough chicken. So we’ve stuck to the chicken since then. If you like more bite to your chicken, go for the drumsticks instead of the winglets, which is primarily amazing, crispy skin (higher surface area to meat ratio).

We’ve also tried the seafood salad, which is good and is dressed with their soy garlic with a hint of wasabi. They are pretty generous with the calamari and shrimp, but both are usually overcooked. The chicken burger is nice because of the vegetables in it, but can get filling really quick.

I like it better than KFC’s chicken because there’s little fat under the skin left after their double frying and while it’s not really worth a twenty minute queue I would eat there if there are seats and perhaps only 4-5 people in line.


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