Another interesting meal at MAD

These are cheese prawn fritters. They’ve since taken this dimsum off the menu, but it’s basically a dumpling of prawns and melty cheese, lightly breaded and deep fried.

We also like their home-made tofu with chilli crab sauce. Think there’s spinach or seaweed in it, and the sauce is pretty good, if not authentically chilli crab sauce.

We also had their XO seafood fried rice which has generous servings of seafood and XO sauce. Lots of wok hei too! They also serve this with horfun if I am not wrong.

I’m not real fond of the desserts here so we headed to Vidalia Gelateria for ice cream. They’d just opened so they were giving free toppings. I got hazelnut fudge sauce on my chocolate and cotton candy ice cream. I don’t know why but I’m a real sucker for cotton candy flavoured ice cream (and cotton candy in general) despite it being so sweet. I think it’s the burnt sugar taste like that on the crust of a creme brulee that gets me. Every time.


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