Dinner at MAD

MAD website

This restaurant is a joint venture between local music icon Dick Lee and the Tung Lok Group, and it serves pretty good food! It is however tucked away at the Grand Stand at Turf City, which makes it highly inaccessible for the average diner. On a typical weekday night it’s pretty quiet, and only has a handful of diners despite the pretty good food and the snazzy interior decor. Your order food via an ipad, but they do provide hard copy menus so everyone can have a look.

We started with the fried fish skin which Tung Lok does so well, this time covered generously in Cajun seasoning.

And also the seafood foccacia flat bread topped with squid, scallops, and prawns, and when out of the oven, is garnished with bonito flakes that wave merrily from the heat.

I liked it, but it tends to be a bit much on the carb-y side.

For mains we had the cod linguine in a cream sauce. This was pretty good, but not as nice as their carbonara which they used to serve with iberico ham, but now with prosciutto. Actually I think the more authentic cured meat for a carbonara is pancetta, but I’m not complaining.

The cod was grilled on their josper grill, as was the half rack of ribs we ordered, served with a red cabbage slaw and a wedge of lemon.

We also had their griled asparagus spears wrapped with prosciutto, served with parmesan shavings and some kind of creamy cajun aioli.

All in all, a pretty decent meal. I really like their xiao long bao and their fried prawn rolls with cheese, which has since been taken off the menu. On tuesday night we managed to try the red been panna cotta, which was good but the red bean paste kind of overwhelmed the beauty of the panna cotta.


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