Lunch at Rakuichi, Oasia Hotel

We had lunch here one saturday with C because I hadn’t seen her in the longest time. I’ve loved Rakuichi’s food since I ate at their Dempsey branch, and the Novena one is loads more accessible with the same quality. Their lunch sets are much more worth it and come with a whole lineup of little Japanese portions – salad, miso soup, chawanmushi, sashimi, tempura, the main, and their goma ice cream. Usually you also have a little amuse bouche on the house.

We started with a fresh garden salad with zesty ginger soy dressing.

L had his new-style sashimi, which is drizzled with sesame oil and soy sauce.

The sashimi bowls that come with the set meals typically feature two slices of salmon and two slices of some white fish plated prettily on a bowl of ice.

The chawanmushi is great (but so are most places) and have lots of shimeiji and greens, as well as extremely bouncy naruto, chicken, and gingko nuts.

I really like their kushiyaki set. It comes with various skewers of the day, could be sweet potato (which they grill to buttery perfection), pork belly, eel (which is amazing), yakitori, chicken wing, asparagus, depending on what produce they’ve got. They really grill kushiyaki well (even better than kushiya in Vivocity). Their kushiyaki is pretty expensive though if ordered a la carte.

L’s set had the seafood miso soup, which is served in a creased paper bowl over a flame and comes with enoki, sugar snap peas, salmon, tofu, shiitake, etc. Perfect for a rainy day.

For grilled salmon or cod, I’d order this for dinner. The lunchtime chef over cooked the salmon a teeny bit (it was still delicious), but we had the tenderest teriyaki cod for dinner yesterday after visiting his grandpa at TTSH.

The sushi here are good, both the aburi sushi (slightly grilled sushi) and regular sushi. I especially like their tamago sushi, which are both pretty and have the perfect sweet-sour balance.

While their inhouse goma ice cream is good, kushiya’s home made goma ice cream is a lot better. This usually comes free with the set so I’m not complaining.


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