Lunch at the SUTD Breadyard

Bread Yard website

This place is primarily meant to be affordable, I think. It serves students from SUTD american style lunches – soups, sandwiches, and salads. I thought the food was edible but nothing to shout about – they make their own sandwich bread and stollen but I can do the same, but better, with my breadmaker.

We ordered their duck and orange sandwich. I was expecting some kind of orange sauce but instead they had whole orange slices (without the peel, but with the fibre) in there, which made the sandwich quite moist. The meat, which looked like smoked duck, didn’t much taste of duck at all. I didn’t really enjoy this, and would have preferred getting the smoked chicken melt.

I had the eggs bettino, which was average. Their hollandaise sauce is lighter, but nothing out of this world, and they use ciabatta (?) which is extremely difficult to cut apart with their knives thanks to its chewiness. The ham used for the eggs ben also looks somewhat sketchy, with spots here and there – you can see it in the picture.

We got the lunch set which came with a soup of the day (asparagus soup) and iced tea – they have sets with salads and mashed potatoes and whatnot too. It wasn’t that great, I’d probably go for the carbs next time. There were grilled asparagus chunks in it though which was nice.

And we also ordered the giant popcorn chicken which was actually the best part – it was the most flavorful. There was still some fat under the batter but mostly it was good, remniscent of the fried chicken/nuggets at Malay canteen stalls in primary schools, before the MOH came in and interfered with the menu. Basically what happened was school canteens were only allowed to sell fried food on one weekday, which I can imagine made very bad business for the canteen stalls. This was implemented primarily to combat child obesity (you should see how stick thin the kids here are). How the RI canteen aunty skirted the ruling was to douse her deep fried chicken in a sambal sauce so it doesn’t look like she’s breaking the no-fried-food rule. And sambal itself is chilli paste fried in oil. I believe that’s how the word ‘backfire’ was invented. The entire fiasco is a perfect example of how the well-meaning nannying of our govt is received/implemented on the ground.

Lots of people at the breadyard had the assam fish curry with bread, which I will definitely want to try next time. It’s got a really nice setting that’s well-lit and casual. Our total bill was also only $16.80, exactly like the statler (although the statler’s food is better).


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