Lunch at Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta website

The waiters are starting to recognize us.

They always serve these delightful tiny bread rolls here for dipping in their marinara sauce.

I really like the food here, but I suppose you must know what to order. Our go to order is the
1) Scamorza – wrapped in prosciutto and pan fried. They will split it in two for you if you request it.

2) Diavola pizza. SO amazing. Especially since it’s so difficult to find a cheap pizza joint that serves pepperoni (most of the pizza delivery places here – Domino’s, Pizza Hut, etc. serve only beef pepperoni. What a travesty. I understand the need to be culturally sensitive but couldn’t they have BOTH options?)

3) Squid ink ravioli filled with prawn in a lemon tomato sauce – one of their better pastas.

However on Monday we decided to deviate from the menu and order
1) Porcini risotto in a saffron sauce and bone marrow – LZ didn’t like this :S so I had to eat all of it. I don’t much fancy bone marrow myself but the porcini was alright. Although I think the porcini at Da Laura was fresher.

Here’s a close up of the bone marrow. They give you a little spoon to dig the gunk out of there.

2) Tordelli filled with veal in a tomato based ragu – this was much better I think, but nothing special, y’know? Like spaghetti bolognese, shaped like ravioli.

So we’re definitely sticking with our typical order. One strange thing we noticed about the lunch crowd is that they were all eating these dishes that didn’t seem to be on the menu – is there some special lunch menu that is not publicized? They had very light looking tagaliatelle with in a pesto/oil based sauce, osso buco, and fat, creamy burratas. There’s something I’m missing here. The osso buco smells amazing too so that’s probably the next thing I’m ordering.


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