Dinner at RamenPlay

This is one of the chain restaurants owned by BreadTalk that I really enjoy eating at. It’s fuss free, affordable, and does some excellent ajitsuke tamago.

My goto order (at the Bishan branch) is the toroniku double-soup ramen – slices of melt-in-your-mouth pork cheek in a combination of tonkotsu and miso soup base, and springy egg noodles.

The saltiness of this broth varies from branch to branch, so the standard is not very consistent.

I also really like their pork yakiniku, which is served as a side, and I usually get this with a bowl of rice. Their plain white rice is amazing. There is a distinct difference between the rice I cook myself at home and the rice they have sourced for in Japan!

Another dish I always order (to cut through the fat of the ramen broth) is the salad. It’s a weird thing to order, but I actually get cravings for their citrus-savoury dressing. Perhaps the main draw of RamenPlay is that they serve simple things but do them really well.

The gyoza here are pretty good, compared to some other ramen joints. Not as good as Osaka Osho, but these come with a very nice mirin-y dipping sauce (does anyone know what it’s called?) that I put on everything.

Their green tea milkshakes really hit their spot throughout a hot soupy meal. I’ve never had a green tea milkshake as good as this one. I’ve tried their yuzu frostee one but they’ve since replaced some of the konjac jelly with fruit jelly which is really weird.

Before I went to one I always thought RamenPlay was pretty sketchy because it was owned by BreadTalk. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that it serves really decent food! The quality is a bit inconsistent though, but I’d say they get it right around 70% of the time.


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