Work lunch at Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei website – you can order sushi platters for your parties and whatnot, or also apply for the sushi tei card, which gives a 10% discount I think.

So here’s what we typically order here, which is, I grant you, crazy and waay too much for two people.

This was on the seasonal menu – unagi linguine. I will never order pasta at a sushi restaurant again. The noodles were far too thick and the unagi wasn’t really fresh.

This was interesting: an edamame croquette. I think I much prefer the potato one but one has to try this at least once to know that. There’s nothing unlikeable about it, per se, just that I think the point of the interior of a croquette is to be creamy, not.. beany.

My regular bowl of chawanmushi

And tamago – what did I tell you about egg being my favourite protein.

We also usually get this ebi fritter which is chopped up prawn and perhaps some vegetable, tempura-ed and then broiled with mentaiko on top. It’s extremely nice if you haven’t already been stuffed by the previous items on the menu.

The yaki gyoza. They don’t really do this well I think, so no point ordering it.

I really like sushi tei, but everything on the menu looks so good we always end up over-ordering :S


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