Birthday lunch at Chui Huay Lim

Chui Huay Lim website

So we celebrated L’s mum’s birthday at CHL in December (there is a pre-Batam backlog that I have yet to post about) – and the food there was much more memorable than the first few times I’d been, simply because of the teochew style stir fried prawns with golden chives:

Apparently golden chives are more expensive than their counterpart, jiu cai (as teochew housewives would know) and they were fried extremely fragrantly, with dried sole and chilli. The chives were even more popular than the prawns, which were deshelled and extremely tender.

We also had the regular teochew favourites (Bethel held their 130th anniversary dinner there too which featured these other Teochew dishes:
Wu xiang

I ordered two plates of these (they only serve 6 per plate which is somewhat paltry), which were really nice dipped in honey

Teochew style steamed pomfret – we didn’t see the pomfret in the tanks though, so no idea if the pomfret was live or not. It was certainly fresh though. I prefer soon hock (marble goby) personally, the pomfret meat has a somewhat mealy taste. Their “Teochew style” steaming also yields a somewhat milky sauce which I don’t fancy. When L’s mum does it it’s simpler (and better), with salted vegetables, plums, tomatoes, coriander, and ginger.

The cold crab. I still think Teochew City Seafood Restaurant does this better.

And then some stirfried kailan with garlic (this was meh, I wouldn’t order it again). Also difficult to handle with chopsticks because they don’t really cut it up for you. This went pretty slowly, and everyone at the table loved veggies.

And the wok fried seafood mee sua (not really mee sua, more like a bee hoon) which was good. One portion of this is good for about 4 people. It comes with prawns, sotong, scallops, etc.

For weekday lunch, Jumbo members get a 20% off, which came in handy for this meal, cause the bill ran up to >$200 for 5 people. You can’t apply your Jumbo rebate together with the 20% discount though, it’s either/or. So whatever Jumbo $ you accumulate from this meal can be used during dinner instead, where the member discount is only 10%.


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