Jumbo Seafood at Dempsey

Jumbo Seafood website

Stay away from the Phoenix chicken at all costs! It is not chicken. They seem to have mashed it up into a kind of paste (like fishball paste) and then coated it with the chicken skin and roasted it – what exactly is the point of that? Their seafood bacon rolls are the same – extremely cheap-tasting flour and seafood mix wrapped in bacon – if I wanted to eat that I could have made it for myself at home.

I’m rather surprised this is on the 50% off coupons that Jumbo has every month in its calendar.

Still, they do do other things well, such as the home-made spinach covered tofu with mushrooms, which is silky soft and goes fantastically with the spinach.

We tried their soy glazed king prawn (something like $14 for one large glazed prawn) and it was pretty nice, but overcooked (probably because it was done on the grill)

I always order their cereal prawns, both shelled and deshelled (they don’t do deshelled live prawns, cause I suspect their deshelled prawns are bought deshelled)

They hit the spot every time.

These were for L’s birthday lunch in October and consumed by the two of us! Pretty amazing, I would say. I also like their scallops in little yam rings (as an appetizer), as well as their orh nee.

I’m not sure what the viscous fluid on top is (lard?) but you mix it in with the yam paste and it gets very smooth and sleek.

We also like the chilli crab here (although we suspect the East Coast branch does it better..)
and the deep-fried mantou it comes with (50c apiece).

Other things we’ve tried here are the yam ring scallops:

Which are nice but not the freshest scallops – they probably prepare and wrap this days in advance, freeze it, and then deep fry it on the spot. Still, it’s a good idea and too much work to make it yourself at home I think!


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