The Marshmallow Tree

The Marshmallow Tree website

This is a quaint little cafe tucked away in the HDBs in Telok Blangah that seems to be run by students for students. I enjoyed the concept immensely – everything here is served with a skewer of toasted marshmallow stuck into a little terra cotta pot filled with green plasticine, hence the name of the place:

We tried their rose latte, which is a somewhat glorified bandung, only it uses fresh milk instead of carnation milk. It’s much lighter with much less coloring, and rather a refreshing change from regular lattes. It’s such a pretty baby pink too, like liquefied cotton candy.

I rather liked the interior decor of the place:

They had these cobwebby photos done up for halloween

Pretty chalkboard menus

Fake grass patches on the ground and benches to sit on, like you’re in an air-conditioned park

And an actual marshmallow tree in coffee bean soil. We sat at the table with the marshmallow tree (we were the only customers on a quiet weekday afternoon) and also ordered their waffles with ice cream

this was pretty delicious just on its own with the maple syrup:

and After Eight hot chocolate.

You can’t miss the sign, although it does take a bit of finding from the multistorey carpark.

I really like this cafe and hope it stays open at least until my house in Telok Blangah is built!


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