Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro

Greenwood Fish Bistro website

We went here for L’s birthday last year since it lay on a Tuesday and they have Oyster tuesdays- $1.50 per freshly shucked oyster. The fine print is that the table has to order 1 main each (to prevent people from going there and just filling up on oysters) but they don’t police this that pettily, I had the lobster linguine, we ordered the cold platter to share ($99), and L’s mum had the grilled portabello appetizer, but they still allowed us to order the oysters.

Everything was extremely nice! Although I think the cold lobster was a tad overcooked (and overpriced, considering the rapidly depreciating price of Boston lobster right now…).

Everyone enjoyed the tuna tataki from the cold platter immensely.

They serve a mix of fresh steamed prawns, mussels, clams, seasoned baby octopus, half lobster, oysters, tuna tataki, and probably some squid in a wide bamboo tray. It’s a real smorgasboard – looks really impressive if you order it for a party, and it’s only $75 for takeaway orders. The cocktail sauce is really goood.

And more oysters.

We had the lava cake and apple pie for desserts – rather underwhelming. I wouldn’t come here for desserts, not when the seafood is so good.
The lobster linguine had large chunks of meat in an extremely flavourful broth – that lobster was a lot more tender than the lobster in the cold platter.

Apple pie with the somewhat soggy crust.

I would come back, but I’d probably like to try more fish dishes. They import a lot of the fish fresh daily, except for some exotic varieties, but somehow we didn’t get around to trying any of the fish dishes! If I’m not wrong they have different offers every single weekday, so you just have to choose the right day to visit.


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