Brotzeit, Star Vista

Brotzeit website

We finally decided to try this restaurant due to a friend posting pictures of their currywurst on facebook. Ha. The best advertising a restaurant can get is people posting pictures of their food on facebook! It doesn’t really get re-shared, like Tumblr, but it still reaches a pretty wide base of people.

The currywurst was pretty average I think, compared to the real deal in Germany. I really like the curry powder sausage pairing in general but their sausages were extremely light and filler-y compared to the sausages we typically got in Bonn or Frankfurt. Then again being in a tropical country kind of negates the need to keep warm via extremely meaty meals.

We also tried their fried camembert with cranberry sauce – I was rather surprised that their cranberry sauce wasn’t a clear compote but more of a mayonnaise consistency. I liked the camembert, but like the sausages, it wasn’t nearly strong enough. I don’t really know what some good German cheeses are, but I suppose they wouldn’t do justice to a French cheese. The cheese imports in Singapore are extremely limited; people are only just starting to appreciate buffalo milk cheeses and other soft rind cheeses. It’ll be a long time before everyone gets into Comté and Stilton.

The star of the night was the veal goulash and spaetzle. I haven’t had spaetzle since wintery nights in Klara’s kitchen in Ujpest Kozpont where she made these Hungarian noodles for us with equally hearty Hungarian soups (leves, gulyas, etc.) Brotzeit’s veal goulash took us right back to Klara’s kitchen – I hadn’t had proper spaetzle in so long! I also don’t particularly fancy this strangely shaped noodle/dumpling but it was a pretty effective teleporter. The flavours were exactly the same as what I remembered eating in Budapest.

The portions are a little large, probably I’d order just a single side and a single main for two people, plus some beers if you’re having lunch. The pizzas look manageable, but the meat platters are only for guys I think. They’re just carb and protein bombs, I wonder how the Germans/Austrians/Hungarians get sufficient fibre and vitamins if not through their meals.

*The photos are a little fuzzy because I forgot to bring the Canon and took them with my ipad instead


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