The Little Part One Cafe

The Little Part One Cafe website

This place is an extremely strangely located restaurant in Upper Thomson, just beside Thomson Plaza. You can drive there (free parking), or take a bus, but it requires quite a bit of hunting in the private estate before you find the place. Even though it’s such a hidden restaurant, it does very well for a dinner crowd – many people in the surrounding estate come here for a simple, fuss-free dinner (no need to dress up, no need to cook, no need to drive out anywhere)

We first went there on the recommendation of one of my jc classmates, who used to temp there as a waitress. They’ve got a shelf full of pretty interesting books – it’s where I first picked up Joe Dunthorne’s Submarine, and where L first picked up Peter Carey’s Oscar and Lucinda (leading to us reading most of his other works). The table right next to the shelf is also a two-seater, which means we inevitably usually get seated there, which is awesome.

I really like their quesadilla appetizer, which has an amazing meat filling and is served with tortilla chips drizzled with mayonnaise for some bizarre reason. It’s not really “mexican”, but it does taste skilfully home-cooked, which is nice.

Their rack of ribs is exactly as advertised – fall-off-the-bone. We’ve always ordered this when we’re there; it must take really long to slow cook it to this level of tenderness.

Here it is again:

Other notable dishes here include their shepherd’s pie (they use corn kernels in the mashed potato layer – you either like it or hate it) as well as their German bratwursts. We tried them all for Father’s day last year when we brought L’s dad here and he had beer brewed by Trappist monks.

His mum had a salad as usual – beetroot, sprouts, and tofu in a tahini dressing. Ick.

One of their best dishes (in addition to the ribs, which I always have), is their chicken schnitzel.

Yeah I know, it’s chicken, that’s already not legit schnitzel, but their schnitzel is covered with parmesan flakes and served with a little pitcher of white wine sauce which you can pour over the schnitzel. It’s really amazing, the breading, the cheese and wine combination, everything. It’s served with their mashed potatoes and a small salad.

I’m not super enthused by the desserts here, so we headed down the road to rochor beancurd to grab a bowl of dao hui and some portuguese egg tarts.

I’m not really sure what the hype about Rochor dao hui is, apart from the fact that it’s cheap (70c a bowl) and good. I find the dao hui seller at the corner stall of Ghim Moh Food Market carries even silkier and smoother beancurd than the Rochor version.
Here’s a picture of the Ghim Moh Food Centre dao hui:

Look at how finely the grain of the metal spoon is featured on the cut slabs!


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