Lunch at Everything with Fries, Bugis Junction

The best thing we had here was the har cheong kai nuggets – they were abundantly coated with that beautiful blistered prawn paste that are usually only found on chicken wings, only you don’t need your hands to eat these. The nuggets also came with a nice garlicky mayonnaise for dipping. There were still bits of chicken fat sticking to the skin though, which I didn’t really like.

The rest of the food here was nice, if uninspiring, and also slightly oily I think.

We had a lunch set added on to the mushroom and swiss cheese burger, which consisted of a soup and salad:
a cheese burger with sauteed mushrooms:

(interesting choice of mushrooms. I’ve never had shimeiji in a burger and it was goood). It was a surprisingly decent burger, although the best I’ve had is still at the Roadhouse. If I’m not wrong you can choose how you want your fries fixed – we had shoe string with garlic and I liked it a lot. L thought they were soggy (and I respectfully disagree :P). I do tend to like the softer fries in a box of Mcdonald’s fries because they are slightly saltier. The crispy bits are for when you just want a snack.

No space for desserts. I have heard so much about their nutella tart from various people and have been wanting to try it since JC days (this is the first time I’ve eaten at Everything with Fries, which we found on the 4th?5th? floor of Bugis Junction while looking for some place to eat after I collected my passport. Next time I want to try Miam Miam or Platypus Kitchen) I use Pierre Herme’s recipe for my nutella tart, which is pretty hard to beat. Here’s a picture of one I made in December:

Theirs is covered with an extremely glossy ganache that looks amazing. The other place I”ve seen such a beautiful ganache is on Loola’s chocolate tart, which is somewhat of a gyp because beneath the ganache in the chocolate tart is a custard base :S

Another time perhaps – they have an outlet at Holland Village too which is easily accessible for me.


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