Lunch at L’Operetta Pizzeria

L’Operetta Website.

We were meeting M and F here for lunch on sunday.. originally it was because of their sunday 1 for 1 offer that runs from 2:30pm – 5:30pm, but we decided to come for lunch instead (around 1). Their pizzas, like Enoteca, are certified with the VPN, and baked for about 90 seconds a their wood fired oven.

We started with the cheese platter ($12)

which had some very nice gorgonzola, buffalo mozzarella, and a somewhat powdery pecorino. Would have liked to try their burrata special too.

F managed to wrangle us some ciccio

but he had to explain to them how to do it – pizza dough with just olive oil and oregano. It was pretty delicious.

And on to the stars of the show – we had a Bismarck, which is a tomato sauce based pasta with ham, mushrooms, parmesan, and an egg in the middle. I am partial to pizzas with eggs.

The other two pizzas were huge umami bombs- both parmesan, mozzarella, basil, and tomato sauce, but one with spicy salami:

And the other with tuna

So amazing. The crust was chewy, salty, and the tomato sauce was literally perfect. How this japanese guy managed to replicate it so well is amazing.

The diavola pizza is a little different from the typical diavolas where the salami is cut in discs. Here it’s cut into strips, which makes for better distribution across the pie. The tomato sauce makes everything very slide-y though, and pizza toppings slid into our laps more than once. Obviously do not wear your very best pants to this restaurant.

L and I were early to the place, so we also hung around first in Tom & Tom, this Korean cafe around the corner that serves a mean matcha latte:

They are also not very modest when it comes to advertising:

“Why yes you’re welcome for that cup of the best coffee in the world.”


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